Schmidt 151
Engine Low Emission Kubota Z482-E twin cylinder water-cooled diesel engine of 479cc capacity producing 12 HP (9 kW)
Fuel Diesel Fuel; grade according to ASTM D975 cetane number 40 (min) contained in 9.4 litre 'see through' polypropylene tank with integral fuel filter.
Fuel Consumption Indicative fuel consumption to approximately 0.863 litres per hour in typical town centre sweeping applications at 2200 engine rpm. at 'Standing Sea Level Conditions'.
Transmission Hydrostatic variable speed forward/reverse transmission with balanced hand-operated ergonomic drive control lever requiring low hand pressure inputs to minimise operator hand fatique. Transmission speeds range up to 5.5 mph (8.8 Km/h) forward to 3.5 mph (5.6 Km/h) reverse.
Side Brushes Remote operated 43cm diameter variable speed polyprophylene side brushes with maximum swept width of 1.14 metres.
Dust control Electrically pumped water mist injected into casing airflow for dust control spray jets.
Water System Integral 50 litre capacity moulded water tank balanced on C of G centre line. Water system fitted with integral filters and tank dump drain.
Electrical 12 volt electrical sytem with 16 amp alternator and 40 ampere hour heavy duty battery; twin front headlamps, flashing beacon, rear/side lamps, warning beeper.
Wanderhose 2.2m x 10cm smooth bore crush resistant wanderhose with hose support boom and replaceable suction tool end cuff.
Technical Specifications
Cherrington 3000
Cherrington 900
414 Green
Johnston 505 Series