PROFI-LINE Track-Driven Camera Carriage with LEO-I for entering pipes with a diameter of DN 125 - 500, with cable lengths from 50 to 160 meters.

Inspection camera-carriage for all models of cameras within the PROFI-LINE for inspection of Axial and Radial Sewer System’s, Trans Sewer Connections, House-Connections and Forward/Backward Progressing Inspections.

The energy-provided to LEO-I over an adjustable steering-net-part is impulsed ranging from 0 - 48 volts. The maximum electric-power consumed by the unit is 3 - amps.

The electric motor with non-ferro core is a non-vibrating with a very long life-span.
The highest rpm. is reached by 12 volts transmitted by a drive-transmission to the drive-axle.

Located at the front side of the carriage are connected several PROFI-LINE cameras. The camera heads are connected by means of a screw-plug to the carriage cable which provides through this connection the electricity for the drive-section, the rotation-motor and pivot movement.

The rotation-drive motor is provided with a skid coupling to avoid damage from external forces.

A ring-pull-release lever is located at the rear-side of the carriage, this lever is provided to avoid strain/pull on the cable and disconnect, and also prevent cable connection damage.

KAP-CAM 2000


ROM COMBI 500/600
Sewer Cleaners Portable
ROM 8000-S
RIDGID Kollmann See Snake

Standard units include;

Camera carriage with tracks, Ring-pull-realease lever, Carriage control unit.

Standard Options;

Set of 4 replaceable Stick-on wheels, Removable /replaceable Camera rotation system.