RIDGID Kollmann Inspection Equipment
Model SeeSnake


Quality components like aluminium camera housing and stainless steel spring assemblies,scratch-proof sapphire crystal lenses and kevlar-wrapped fibreglass cable are used to ensure long service. All camerea and push cables are pressure tested to 100m and both are waterproof.


Designed for quick set-up,simply plug in and turn on the monitor and begin pushing the camera into the line. Push rods are not required. Available with a high resolution monitor, the system works with any video monitor or VCR for crisp, clear viewing/recording of camera's path inside the line.

ROM COMBI 500/600
ROM 8000-S
Sewer Inspection system
RIDGID Kollmann See Snake

SeeSnake Video Inspection Equipment

Specification SeeSnake
Line Capacity 5 to 30 cm (2" to 12")
Maximum Run 99 m
Weigh (Excl. Monitor)-61m: 19,5 kg
Reel & Frame Diameter - LxWxH 81 x 36 x 76 cm
Camera Diameter 4,4 cm
Camera Length 5,4 cm
Push Cable Diameter 1,1 cm
Operating Temperature -10° C to 50° C
Waterproof Depth 100 m


Sewer Cleaners Portable


The compact black and white camera head and push cable easily negotiate multiple 90° bends in 1 1/4" to 12 lines ensuring you reach the problem.Unique lighting and video system focus down the line to see the trouble before you're in it. The picture is so sharp, newsprint is legible inside pipe.