414 Green
The Schmidt Compact 151 series of suction sweepers has been developed to provide municipal and industrial users with a highly efficient, flexible and cost effective method of street cleansing. Built in the Schmidt tradition of robust reliable, highly maneuverable sweepers, the new range gives users a choice of machines to suit all working requirements. Like their Schmidt predecessors they have a unique ability to ingest bulky debris thanks to the large diameter of their suction tube and optional wanderhose.
Cherrington 3000

The Schmidt fully floating sweep system ensures that brushes are at the optimum angle for efficient sweeping at all times, whilst the suction nozzle accurately follows any change in surface contour.

The proven Schmidt water recirculation system ensures dust-free sweeping and compacts debris to maximise load carrying. It is also extremely economical in the use of water, enabling the sweeper to spend more time on productive work and less time tipping out the hopper or refilling the water tank.

Schmidt 151
Johnston 505 Series