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Sweepers and Beach Cleaner
The most efficient way to clean-up, unplug and maintain modern sewer systems is to use a High Pressure Sewer Jetting Machines, which are available in several capacities, models, and accessories. ROM equipment reaches 80% of all of these requirements.
Today with the fast and ever growing traffic problems it becomes almost impossible to keep crowded city-centers, streets, roads and highways in proper condition by using man power only. With equipment from Applied Sweepers, Schmidt Sweepers, Johnston Sweepers and Cherrington BeachCleaner; DAYACITRA provides a complete range of indoor and outdoor professional sweeping systems.
To recognize human values with committment to hygienic circumstances at the first stage, DAYACITRA has created a full range of environmentally effective equipment to supply and service any kind of institution in fullfiling their required needs on solid-waste collecting and processing methods. As for the collecting of waste, DAYACITRA designs and provides equipment from the smallest hand carts, to the most complete compacting/removal all in one systems.
DAYACITRA carries a complete range of personal safety products, ranging from simple dust-masks to safety spectacles, helmets, protective-clothing and breathing apparatus. All of these products are imported by DAYACITRA and meet the highest INTERNATIONAL SAFETY STANDARDS.

Note: Due to continued improvements in technology, DAYACITRA along with co-operative relations with manufactures of imported equipment, reserves the right to alter any/all of the above specifications without prior notice.